It’s another one of those lost Shakespeare parody plays, and it’s one of the better ones. Bob is all the best of Shakespeare; dark, twisted and tragic plot-lines but made accessible, and better still – funny.

The play is set in Finland; meaning there’s a fresh take on the work of Shakespeare, some questionable accents, and of course – jokes about flat pack furniture. It’s a great taste of the classics but with flare, and lots and lots of fun.

Gin and Tonic Productions put on a fantastic show, its totally daft and the performances from the actors more than make up for the odd dad joke that falls flat. Perhaps not a show for a Shakespearian loyalist, but this is a rustic and hearty stab into the tragically funny world and works of a great.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Bob, C Venues, Aug 20-23, 8.20pm

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