Brennan Reece’s Everlong is introduced with a voiceover from his Nan which sets up the theme and tone of his show perfectly, all before Reece even gets to the stage. Everlong is a smoothly constructed mash of stand-up comedy and well-crafted storytelling. The backdrop to the show is a cluttered book shelf filled with memories and Reece’s clever jokes are interwoven with witty and heartfelt stories focusing on his Grandmother and upbringing, all delivered at an exuberance pace.

Reece has a brilliantly infectious ability to spread cheer through his audience, making this intimate set feel even more personable. Throughout his performance, he pokes fun at a few of his audience members in a cheeky fashion, but always keeps things lighthearted and entertaining.

The tales that Reece delivers are heartwarming and relatable, even if his delivery is slightly jilted at times. Despite this, Reece offers up a charming, down to earth show that will make you laugh out loud and bring a tear to your eye. Everlong a real gem at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that everyone should try to see.

Words: Ryan Johnson

Picture: Duncan Elliot

Brennan Reece: Everlong, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 21-27, 6pm

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