Some theatre shows can put into words what people are thinking, Brexit the Musical goes one step further and puts it to music, makes it wear tap shoes and then adds a dance routine.

The writer (and EU Lawyer) Chris Bryant has gone down the route of farcical Broadway musical rather than biting political satire which gives it a broader appeal and lightens the mood of, what can be, a touchy subject.  He sees the Brexit plan as a farce and the politicians as out of touch power hungry vultures and when you have a set up like this before you, I imagine the play could write itself – all it really needed was some catchy songs and a live band.

Brexit the Musical follows the story of Boris, Gove, Theresa and a number of other familiar political personalities as they deal with the unexpected fall out from the Brexit referendum and their search for the elusive plan of what to do next.  It’s a hot topic and an all too familiar story that is dealt with good dose of humour, a high kick and the odd shimmy.

The political characters are huge and the cast have done a great job of bringing them to life and then ridiculing them. It is very tongue in cheek with an emphasis on fun.  My only fear is that from now on everytime I see Boris Johnson I will picture him dancing in his underpants.

Words: Zoe Atherfold

Brexit the Musical, C Venues, Aug 2-28 (not 15), 6.55pm

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