Joanna walks confidently among the audience of the Iron Belly in her builders overalls and hardhat, making small talk and asking if anyone would like a cup of tea before the show starts. Her dad, Richard – a real builder by trade – also stops to chat in his flared shirt and pressed jeans.

This display is why Bricking It is such an endearing production – Joanna and her father have a genuine chemistry on stage which makes them instantly likeable. The premise is a simple one; Richard wants to turn his hand to comedy and entertains the crowd with his impressive backlog of ‘dad jokes’ whilst Joanna builds the stage around them in a role reversal.

However, this is where the production becomes slightly disjointed. A few aspects of the show seem unplanned and not fully fleshed out, which can be frustrating for the audience as there is no real conclusion. Rough around the edges, but worthwhile for that father and daughter bond on stage.

Words: James Brown

Picture: Elly Hopkins

Bricking It, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 4 – 28, 5.30pm

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