Danny Lobell’s stories straddle the line between too crazy to believe and too absurd for someone to come up with. In his Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut, Danny Lobell discloses all of his misguided attempts at making it big and the vibrant characters he met along the way.  Millennials in particular will appreciate years of life experience in being broke packed into just an hour of engaging, side-splitting storytelling. Lobell missed out on classic entry level jobs like waiting tables and reception and skipped straight to door-to-door lightbulb sales in New York City and hairless cat breeding.

With an unexpected talent for voices, accents and sound effects, Lobell brings his show to life. His particular brand of comedy thrives on details and description, transporting his audience to his less inhibited, more fanciful world. With him, he brings along a little piece of New York that shines through every part of his show, from the advice of his Jewish-comedian mentor on delis to the relationship that blossomed from conspiring with a stranger in a pizzeria. The infinitely surprising city contributes almost as much personality as Lobell himself.

Broke as a Joke is full of lessons for the younger generation. How do you obtain and conceal a rooster in a dense urban area? How can you exploit your youthful success to eat like a king when you’re out of cash? Pony up and take notes. He may not have done before, but these days, Danny Lobell knows all the answers.

Words: Emily Hall

Broke as a Joke, The Space @Jury’s Inn, Aug 17-25 (not 19), 4.05pm

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