Iain Connell and Robert Florence perform their live version of their popular sketch show, Burnistoun. The hilarious combo keep a high level of laughs from start to finish with various sketches and characters that are packed with superb entertainment.

Crude, but witty – a true representation of Scottish humour. Tourists may struggle to decipher the accents let alone the strange sense of humour the pair adopt, but the show is a great experience for all nonetheless.

The hour-long show flies by as the tongue-in-cheek comedy act hold the audience’s attention throughout. Fans of the show have much to look forward to with a surprise or two in store.

All in all, Burnistoun Live is a superb sketch show and a truly authentic Scottish comedy experience – a real highlight and unforgettable experience at this year’s Fringe.

Words: Calum Wilson

Burnistoun Live at the Fringe, 3-14 August, Gilded Balloon, 9:00pm

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