Marx is an experienced performer, totally at ease on stage, but one that never breaks enough boundaries to propel his show forward.

His more basic material builds skilfully but never quite escapes the simpler nature inherent in it – it’s all a little too comfortably stuck in a groove. Jokes about the Irish accent and noises a Jewish train makes, feel particularly stale. Agreeably, they are stronger in context, often performed cheekily for his own pleasure, but ultimately they don’t deliver.

When describing longer scenes the humour often comes from his story-craft rather than his actual punchlines. There’s a lot of experience and quality wrapped up in the show and definitely enough flourishes of wit and style to make it a solid watch, but it feels too safe to prosper.

Words: Tom Crosby
Picture: Karla Gowlett

Carey Marx, Hero of the People, Liquid Rooms Annexe, Aug 18-28, 5:00pmgmail

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