In Carla’s debut Edinburgh Fringe rumble, the Australian vocal powerhouse makes the most of a very dark and dingy space in the attic of Gilded Balloon’s Counting House. While the space does create an intimate experience, the feeling of being so closed in can become quite uncomfortable at times.

Despite this, Lippis is like something straight out of a Tarantino film and oozes an impressively brooding sensuality. Her music, a melange of styles – Western, old school Italian, cabaret, swing – is divine and an absolute pleasure to listen to. Unfortunately, however, she could benefit more from a bigger space that would allow the audience to let loose and further immerse ourselves into her beautiful sound. Regardless, the remarkable voice of Baby Carla is undeniable and still worth experiencing.

Words: Joshua Zitser

Carla Lippis: Baby Carla’s Bad Girl Rumble, Gilded Balloon at the Counting House, Aug 3-28, 3.30pm.

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