Carmen Lynch plants herself on the stage confidently, letting you sit back assured that you’re in for a good hour. She has a laid back, cutting sense of humour in her Fringe debut, Lynched. 

The jokes are fast paced, the laugh per minute rate is outstanding, and no subject is off limits. Lynch talks mostly about dating, delivering the material with a hilariously vacant expression. She tells us about being an awkwardly tall teenager with scoliosis, who turned into an awkwardly tall woman who became a comedian. Her blunt, deadpan humour knows no bounds as she explores topics like abortion and her Catholic upbringing by her Spanish mother. A highlight of the set was a well-executed piece of storytelling about her Spanish nieces and her late night texts from their father.

Unlike other Fringe shows there’s no one story: instead, there’s a series of stories, most of which start with, “I was dating this guy…”. Although there is no overarching narrative to this hour, it does not disappoint. Lynch hops from subject to subject effortlessly, landing the toughest of unsavoury jokes with style and ease uniting her audience with a love for humouring the sickest of jokes. Lynch is able to frivolously deliver deeply dark and twisted observations about her life in an extremely hot and tiny room for an hour, and somehow make it worthwhile.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Picture: Eric Korenman

Carmen Lynch: Lynched, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, Aug 22-27, 4pm

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