Canadian Chris Betts is perfectly charming, with a measured style of delivery that displays confidence and experience, but his performance never truly grasps the attention of the audience nor hits the mark.

Explaining close to the start of the show that he was formerly a bartender, he makes note of the large amount of bars and thus bartenders in Scotland; he then goes on to give a large collection of stories focussed around bars, stories you will have likely heard before.

His jokes only elicited minor reactions from the audience; at one point he talked of the struggles of pulling pizza eaters away from their food, even while watching the horrors of 9/11 play out. This is a line that should surely pull a certain degree of shock from the audience, but lines like these, controversial though they may be, didn’t truly hit home.

A relatively enjoyable hour, but one that still rambled around with no clear structure or any significant laughs.

Words: James McPherson

Chris Betts: Social Animal, Pleasance Courtyard, 18-30 August, 9.45pm

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