Circa: Humans

There are a lot of circus shows going around Edinburgh this Festival, making it difficult to distinguish between the good and the outstanding. That being said, Humans is definitely the latter. A powerful celebration of the capabilities of the human body (and even it’s one limitation: licking your own elbow), Humans explores what it means to be human. From emotions to flexibility to interaction, their performance is touching, genuinely funny and, most importantly, astonishing.

Prepare to gasp at every flip, turn and leap as the cast of Circa toss each other through the air at incredible speed and with astounding ease. Their show certainly proves many things you thought were impossible, are in fact possible for Circa. Humans is a spectacular show of endurance, strength and balance, and is often so fast paced there are times you’re unsure where to look, desperate not to miss a moment.

A particularly beautiful moment is the stunning trapeze act. A complex and artfully jaw dropping performance, it builds suspense that ripples through Underbelly’s Circus Hub as we look on in awe. The performers solitude as she flies through the air creates a deafening silence as we hold our breath in captivation. 

This show will have you mesmerised from beginning to end. Ever wondered how many people can one person balance on their head? Head down to the Meadows and Circa will show you.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Circa: Humans, Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Aug 17-26 (no 21), 7pm

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