Based on the film, Metropolis, Cirque Eloize’s latest production Cirkopolis is sure to be one of the most awe-inspiring things you’ll see this Fringe.

In the Pleasance’s newest venue at the EICC, Cirque Eloize have space aplenty – which is just as well, for a show as ambitious as this. More than just tricks, Cirkopolis pays equal attention to the narrative, theatrical and comical elements of the show, making for a glorious extravaganza of talent and entertainment.

Both children and adults in the audience were enthralled. The show starts off friendly, with some fun, comical audience interaction while the crowd finds their seats, getting everyone hyped up. The rhythmic monotony of the grey world at the start, as identically dressed, grey clad characters move up and down the stage, is emphasised further by the animated backdrop showing cogs turning. High scale production additions like this one add to the effect of the entire show, giving it a more theatrical feel and creating a well rounded experience. Our protagonist, Ashley, does few tricks, instead acting as a relatable clown-like figure – the everyman to keep up feeling included and grounded amidst acts of jaw dropping ability.

One particular acrobatic routine, focusing on one of the female performers, is heart-wrenchingly stunning. She dances through the stunts, her face never showing strain or effort; she simply glides with graces and elegance across the hands and heads of the supporting men as she effortlessly performs feats that leave us mere mortals in the audience mesmerised.

A circus show that combines the fun of comedy, the beauty of theatre and the drama of tricks, Cirkopolis is the ultimate physical performance spectacular.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Cirkopolis, Pleasance at EICC, Aug 19-28 (not 23), times vary

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