If nothing screams 80’s sci fi thriller more than a ton of tin foil, then Clonely is screaming louder than any other show at the Fringe. With a nostalgic vibe throughout, this two-hander takes the audience on a journey through space as two clones come to terms with their own identity and purpose in life – oh, and fight giant scorpions.

These clones are constantly battling with the existential, the bigger issues, the meaning of life, and while the dialogue sometimes wanders into the genuinely poignant and provocative, this double act are not above making the audience sing to win Oreos. Clonely has a healthy mix of physical comedy and smart witty wordplay, but people should be aware that audience participation is basically compulsory, and at one point, almost everyone is called upon to add their own piece to the story.

I defy anyone not to be completely taken with this show. Although one or two jokes perhaps went on a little too long, everyone in the audience was left chuckling, completely charmed by the performance.

This sweet, creative piece of theatre will give you more belly laughs than expected, and should be applauded for its originality.

Words: Rachel Mackie

Clonely, Laughing Horse @ The Mockingbird, Aug 17-27 (not 21), 2.45pm

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