Colin Cloud can read your mind. I can hear your scepticism or an eye roll already, but no, really, he can. There’s no other way to explain the feats he achieves during his latest Fringe show, Dare. Entering Pleasance Grand there is a sense of tension and a buzz of excitement: Cloud’s reputation definitely precedes him. The mentalist has his audience at work from the moment we arrive in our seats, receiving our very own Colin Cloud mask on our way in, that soon becomes more than just a great souvenir for the night.

Cloud adds twists to some acts you may have seen from mentalists before but where he really shines is in the charisma and comedy he brings to everything he does, from interactions with the crowd, to flare of his reveals. His spectacular stage presence brings the whole show to life and captures his audience. Suddenly, no one is safe. Now he wants to stage a murder and brings all of the audience in to help. Now that we are all accomplices, you can’t help but feel your heart race as he reveals your deepest darkest secrets. It soon becomes apparent that Cloud knows everything.

There are so many elements to this show that it becomes a full experience. Colin Cloud knows how to put on a show and thoroughly succeeds with Dare.

I dare you to let him read your mind too.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Picture: Stuart Robertson

Colin Cloud: Dare, Pleasance Grand, Aug 25-28, 8pm

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