Anna Man (Colin Hoult) asks all the difficult questions in her comedy sketch How We Stop the Fascists, from “what do fascists look like?” to  “is my yoga teacher a fascist?” and the outcome is quite hilarious.

Hoult prances around the stage pushing the boundaries of sketch comedy, and taking the audience for a laugh while he does. The character of Anna Man is genius – imagine a slightly more affected, camper Miss Jean Brodie and you’re halfway there. Anna Man is out to prove that we are surrounded by fascists and that we should drown them out with love, and her fabulous acting. She’s outlandish and dares to believe she can change the world, and for just an hour she manages.

Hoult produces many different, fully fleshed out characters in order to prove his point, whilst similarly disproving his point by instructing the audience on more than one occasion to smother the fascists.  Anna brags she’s done, “literally no research” although it is clear that she cleverly reflects the attitudes of many British people who feel left behind by the fast paced ever-changing world. She lovingly mocks absolutely everyone and the outcome is genuinely side splitting.

This show is packed with political satire and cleverly reflects the differing opinions within Britain. Whether on the the extreme right or far left, nobody is safe from the ridicule of the unstoppable Anna Man. Mann is witty, astute and radiates personality, making for one extremely entertaining hour.

Words: Katie Mckenzie 

Colin Hoult/ Anna Man: How We Stop the Fascists, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 9-27 (not 14), 4.45pm

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