Marriage to dolphins, fights in vegan cupcake shops and 9/11 tattoos are just some of the things Alex Edelman rattles through in his fast-paced Edinburgh show.

His abrasive style has provided him with plenty of enemies on whom he passes judgement, with seemingly no situation too innocuous for an argument to be created around; this provides plenty of comic material for his routine to cover. The central theme of discovering how he fits in with the Millennial Generation is frequently forgotten as amusing anecdotes follow rapidly one after another.

An unfortunately timed photograph that received worldwide press attention helps provide the funniest moment as he uses the limited technology in his show to great effect. This is not a show that will reaffirm your belief in ‘Generation Y’; it will, however, provide you with plenty of laughs.
Words: Ian Freeman

Alex Edelman: Millenial, Pleasance Courtyard, Jul 30 – Aug 24, 20:15

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