“Every comedy has an element of tragedy to it” says Alice Fraser as she gets on stage. Raised Buddhist, in her Holocaust-surviving grandmother’s boarding house, sharing a roof with some very eccentric characters, Fraser developed a view of the world like no other.

Through this musical tragicomedy, Fraser explores the nature of good and evil, armed with a banjo, a tiny piano and a loudspeaker. The stage behind her functions as a map that points to where the story is leading next. The main storyline centralises on the three lodgers in her grandmother’s house, but occasionally Fraser follows a different train of thought which leads into a hilarious song.

Fraser’s Resistance is as incisive as it is heart-warming. This uplifting tale of kindness – despite it being painfully bleak at times – will also have you questioning the definition of good, and what it means to be a good person.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Alice Fraser: The Resistance, Gilded Balloon, Aug 3-29, 8.15pm

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