Talented and immensely likeable, Bec Hill’s show draws you in with inventive production, irresistible puns and best of all a glorious flip book filled with doodles which wiggle into life as Hill yanks on strings and pulls at paper tabs.

Bec Hill was dancing along the back row seats when we came in, I think partly to prevent shier audience members from avoiding the front. But front row at Ellipses is a great place to be – Hill isn’t the type of comic who will have you cowering behind your pint glass.

Her props are the best thing about the performance, and the jokes occasionally fall a tad flat when she abandons them. The flip book in particular deserves more time center stage. But overall Bec Hill is not just funny, she is thoughtful and endearing, and will leave you with a smile as wide as her own.
Words: Basil Davies

Bec Hill in… Ellipses, Gilded Balloon, 31 Jul – 24 Aug, 17:30

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