Charlie O’Connor’s Dandyism combines live music and stand-up that serves a deliciously camp portion of wonderful hair-laden humor.

Entering the stage looking like the bastard-child of Marc Bolan, O’Connor immediately dives into the subject of his appearance, convincing us with unexpected evidence that he is indeed a bloke.

What ensues is a set laden with perverse sex-tips, even odder songs and occasional voice cracks, the topics vary but are still in keeping with his overall theme of life as a dandy. O’Connor obviously seems more comfortable behind his keyboard than standing up-front, but that’s not to say that his home baked songs are always a success; there are a couple of occasions where the audience is left waiting for him to hit that final note and leave his instrument.

Nonetheless, the confidence exuded is enough to carry O’Connor through a set that might not be top of your list of shows to see this year, but is certainly one to keep an eye on for next year.
Words: Triss Duncan

Charlie O’Connor – Dandyisms, Underbelly Cowgate, Jul 31 – Aug 24, 18:10



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