Fans of his award winning radio show will already be aware that Christian’s deep, melodic voice makes for easy listening; it also makes for a nice comedic soundtrack, and his silky tone immediately captivates the crowd.

With stories ranging from flinging guinea pigs over hedges to interviewing Mick Jagger, there is enough variety in his anecdotes to alleviate any boredom that may have set in after a long day of shows. The central theme that he returns to throughout, though, is looking after his two young daughters; the experiences he recounts of struggling to contain them have many of the older members of the audience nodding their heads in agreement.

At times his material is overwrought and he reverts to well-trodden ground a little too often (such as having to deal with his children’s first boyfriends) but there is enough good natured humour contained within to keep the audience onside.

The lack of Breaking Bad references may disappoint some attendees but lack of crystal meth anecdotes are generously made up for in family-oriented humour (if you can believe it).
Words: Ian Freeman

Christian O’Connell: Breaking Dad, Underbelly Bristo Square, Jul 30 – Aug 16, 18:25


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