Danny Mcloughlin’s show is all about how he’s pretty average at everything, (not the best, not the worst), compared to his local superstar dad. Danny has been the anonymous knight to his father’s King Arthur, the nameless Commodore to his dad’s Lionel Richie. And has been told it all his life. This performance is Danny tallying up the things he’s actually good at, trying to see if he can even the odds a little.

Danny’s set is a classic comedy club performance, with variations on some tried and tested themes of stand-up – modesty, competitiveness, and sexual inadequacy. There’s nothing truly original about the themes, and the format is pretty regular, too. It’s his delivery, digressions and preoccupations that keep the audience interested, though, rather than the material.

Danny’s tone seems very close to his everyday conversation – and consequently he’s completely comfortable on stage, turning the audience into a room full of mates rather than intimidating strangers. Built for an intimate crowd, he’s easily at his best with audience participation, learning the names of the people around him and talking himself into improvised jokes. A larger proportion of this next year, and he’ll turn a good show into a great one.
Words: Mike Saunders

Danny Mcloughlin Feels Alright, Just the Tonic at The Tron, Jul 31 – Aug 24 (not 12), 18:20

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