Contemporary dance, music, comedy, gorgeously sculpted bodies and jaw dropping feats of acrobatic strength. Here is a heady cocktail that will thrill cabaret enthusiasts and first timers alike.

Tigger, the ‘godfather of burlesque’, MC’s the show, and also steals it. Sauntering about the stage with nothing on but a sparkly plastic cock, mouth smeared messily with lipstick and glitter, he screams for more noise and less clothes. Its an irresistible performance, and anyone new to burlesque will find he soon yanks them into the spirit of the thing. The Stage Door Johnnies and Russel Burner are by turns silly and provocative and special guests Tamzen and Zoe Jones pitch with superb displays of power and balance.

Dixey brings together some of world’s foremost male burlesque dancers without making much of an attempt to weave their different acts together (the show’s fairy tale theme feels a little under cooked). But this is a seriously talented line up, dressed (to start with) in some seriously fantastic costumes, and with Tigger at the helm, you can’t help but have a blast.
Words: Basil Davies

Dixey: Where Gentlemen Are Always Immaculately Underdressed, Assembly Roxy, Jul 30 – Aug 24 (not 11), 22:10

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