Essentially what we have here is a sketch show in the style of Big Train or Snuff Box, which succeeds in using every element of the small, hot room at the top of The Counting House to stretch out the comedy – the chairs, the audience, the lighting, even the latecomers.v

I was initially pretty sceptical of Half Baked, due to the nature of the blurb, which describes the duo as ‘funny idiots’, ‘completely bonkers,’ and the worst offender, ‘surreal,’ which is often a by-word for a poorly executed string of unfunny non-sequiturs.

The show does border on some kind of nonsense, but the whole thing is wonderfully executed and very very funny.

I would have preferred more of the mimed sketches (which is a sentence I didn’t think I would ever write), but there are so many ideas here that once you like one it’s easy to be swept up in the next. And sometimes they’re more than just funny – a certain sketch with some soluble red substance will stick in my head every time I walk down the grassmarket on a Saturday night.

Not always perfect, but very often excellent and wonderfully inventive.
Words: Mike Saunders

Half Baked, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, Aug 1 – 25 (not 12), 20:45

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