The stage is much bigger than Jonny Lennard. He initially looks like he’s going to crumble between his own script and the audience, but somehow this never happens and his newness becomes charming.

Such is his lack of stage presence that he could easily be one of the audience members, standing up to tell a few jokes before the real act arrives. This obviously cuts both ways: Lennard seems like a beginner in his stance and delivery, but the actual jokes are very good.

The overarching narrative of the piece is not quite as solid as the actual material – at one point the jokes come in the form of a list, which is just lazy, unless you do it really well. But when Jonny reads some of his no-nonsense books for children, or describes a hilarious reinterpretation of the life of a snowman, he really hits his stride.

By next year he’s probably going to be really, seriously good at this comedy thing. This year, the show isn’t perfect, but that actually works in its favour. Jonny is young, nervous, and quite brilliant.
Words: Mike Saunders

Jonny Lennard: Tale Blazer, Assembly George Square Studios, Jul 30 – Aug 25 (not 12), 17:20

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