If you’re 40 then this show might feel like a wave of nostalgic pop culture, and if you’re 20 it might be like having a conversation with your Uncle who keeps talking about some show called “Full House”.  Whatever your threshold for obscure references is, Julian McCullough has crafted a wistful and charming show that you’re bound to relish in Dream Girls.

While he’s not currently getting the audiences he deserves (I was one of roughly 15 people attending) he manages to engender a relaxed atmosphere and elicit big laughs for such a small crowd. He’s an excellent storyteller and it’s hard not to like him as he leads us through his complete romantic history, from childhood crushes to tattooed and dangerous college girlfriends.

There are some genuinely touching moments, but it’s his comic timing that stands out the most as the attribute that elevates it above standard anecdotal fare. Find time in your late-night schedule for this affable hour of tales from an embarrassing youth.
Words: Matthew Sharpe

Julian McCullough: Dream Girls, Pleasance Courtyard, Jul 30 – Aug 24 (not 11), 22:45

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