With a TV and stand-up career dating back to the late 70s, Nick Revell doesn’t feel the need to win over his audience. “I won’t ask you any questions,” he tells us, “because frankly I’m not interested.” A refreshing change to the usual awkward first few minutes of ‘banter’ most comedians insist on.

Revell is an expert in delivering thought-provoking, political satire, combined with a strong delivery and great stage presence. As a self-confessed lefty Liberal, his set is about refusing to live in ‘the real world’, revealing his idealism, but also his anger and cynicism about the possibility of changing the system.

Various institutions and figure-heads feel the edge of Revell’s razor-sharp wit throughout the course of the show, and he isn’t afraid to find humour in challenging subjects like the siege in Gaza and the American gun laws.

There are no cheap laughs here, but if you like your comedians to say something worth saying, Nick Revell is for you.

Words: Diana Spencer
Nick Revell: Closet Optimist, Assembly Rooms, Jul 31 – Aug 24 (not 11), 18:15

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