Pete Firman sure is a cheeky trickster. He oozes confidence as he tells slightly naughty jokes, gently mocks the audience, and reels through slick magic tricks.

And this man is a pro at magic; mixing modern danger based magic, with more traditional card tricks and some really impressive maths wizardry. But he doesn’t take it too seriously, making a big show of locking his hands behind his back, before promptly freeing a hand in a blink of an eye to help an audience member brought up on stage to stand in the right place.

But sometimes, he made it all look too easy, too effortless. One of the joys of magic is the build of tension as a magician sets up a trick, the audience desperate to know what’s going to happen next. Pete’s confidence often meant that no tension built at all, his audience’s full trust in him undermining the spectacle of the magic.

Nevertheless, this was fun and cheeky hour of magic. There’s a lot of magi-comedy out there; this is no bad place to start.
Words: Georgia Jones

Pete Firman: Trickster, Pleasance Courtyard, Jul 30 – Aug 24, 20:00

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