South African born Pierre Novellie was winner of the Amused Moose Laugh Off 2013, and nominated for the Best Newcomer Chortle Awards 2014. He is also not French. Living in the Isle of Man from a young age and now London, his show is a commentary on what it means to be British, with some Welsh mythology, daytime TV and Pythagoras thrown in. And yoghurt.

Focusing on his South African roots and the assumptions people make about this gives him plenty of material to work with, and there are a number of hilarious (and informative!) comparisons between life in the three places he has called home. With lots of audience engagement, this is a fast-paced, smart and enjoyable show, which will not only make you laugh but ensure you never feel the same way about Disney again.
Words: Katie Quinn

Pierre Nouvellie is Mighty Peter, Pleasance Courtyard, Jul 30 – Aug 24 (not 12), 21.15

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