On the surface, Seann Walsh’s comedy doesn’t aspire to much, churning out standard observational fare on what’s generally considered well-worn territory. He does it with such fresh and incisive wit, though, that every gag about wifi passwords or doing the dishes feels like he’s breaking new ground.

The titular number refers to the Brighton-born comedian’s age; much of the material comes from his perception of his advancing years as an early onset of middle-age. He’s recently moved in with his girlfriend, he’s settling down, and he’s reached the point of senility 30 years too early.

The audience response is peppered with not only laughs but nods and murmurs of agreement. He’s doing more than just stock relatable scenarios, instead finding situations that truly connect with people, and he has a knack of exploiting these to great effect.

It’s as though Walsh has sat down, examined life, found its most universally tiresome features and then ranted brilliantly about their infuriating tendencies. Whether you hate getting up in the morning or just dislike kettles, you’re bound to find something in this show for you.
Words: Matthew Sharpe

Seann Walsh: Seann 28, Pleasance Courtyard, Jul 30 – Aug 24 (not 11, 12, 18), 21:20

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