With his rock star charm and laidback demeanour, Tom Stade instantly ingratiates himself with the packed crowd hustled around him.

In amongst valuable life lessons – such as never letting anything slow you down and acting recklessly wherever possible – Tom manages to keep the crowd laughing whilst simultaneously providing interesting anecdotes about essentially trying to remain forever young. Despite speaking to audience members who were often unhelpful, the acclaimed comedian managed to keep the conversations flowing without too many awkward pauses.

Plenty of swearing, a few crass jokes and his general appearance of practised messiness don’t mask the fact that the show’s main punchlines have evidently had a lot of thought poured into them.

In this show, Tom Stade debates whether there is truly such a thing as a good or bad decision. He fails to reach a conclusion on the matter; however, missing his performance at the Fringe certainly counts as a bad one.
Words: Ian Freeman

Tom Stade: Decisions Decisions, Assembly Rooms, Jul 31 – Aug 24 (not 11), 20:55

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