When a comedian has every member of a crowd bouncing up and down and wholeheartedly chanting along as though they were at a football match, you know they have the charisma to pull off a stunning performance! Although lacking in swagger, ‘T-Dawg’ has an easy confidence that was apparent throughout, particularly in moments of improvisation with the crowd.

Toal used such moments to charm the crowd and managed to have plenty of interaction without ever resorting to bullying or even embarrassing attendees; a rare feat. A great debt is owed to his father, from whom he relates many hilarious stories. Their favourite shared moments are recounted and always come across as heartfelt and sincere; Tom manages to keep the crowd laughing whilst simultaneously drawing empathy where appropriate.

The chanting, thankfully, was short-lived, but ‘T-Squared’ put on a performance worthy of any football game.
Words: Ian Freeman

Tom Toal in Prequel, Cabaret Voltaire, Aug 2 – 23 (not 11), 14:35

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