Review: Vikki Stone: Song Bird at Pleasance

Being the opening weekend of the festival when the paint’s still wet and the bar staff are still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Vikki Stone arrives on stage and gives off an air of being the calmest person in the city.

Somewhat of a Fringe veteran now, her new show Song Bird is a well-rehearsed, jam-packed hour full of charm, charisma and relatable comedy which keeps the audience smiling and clapping (the second and fourth beat) for the duration. 

There’s just the right blend of musical piano and even foot tambourine-based comedy songs and stand-up routines to give all in attendance a pleasant variety, but the latter doesn’t quite seem to connect as well as the clever observational songs which are Stone’s bread and butter. 

Taking a few unfortunate latecomers in her stride, adding them to the narrative and continuing to play along without turning on them showcases this as a show that’s safe to sit in the front row in, as well as the performers natural confidence and ever focused stage persona.

Anecdotes centred around her beloved Spaniel Bert and his trials & tribulations of finding fame are a highlight along with a song about, let’s just say unwanted pictures of the male anatomy and there’s a selection of chuckle-worthy throwbacks to the birdy song amongst other childhood favourites. 

The ending slightly wobbles on the runway, but it doesn’t detract from what is otherwise a polished fun hour of comedy full of confidence which doesn’t rely on a sob-story or a heavy theme to get the audience on board.

Vikki Stone, Song Bird, Pleasance Beneath, until 25 Aug, 7:00pm 

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