Zoe Lyons delivers her material in the same way that she playfully skips on stage for her ‘Vegas Entrance’ with a touch of Russell Brand-esque whimsy. Lyons is on a mission to make real life more fun.

Zoe focuses in on our perceptions of being better than other people, and wanting to better ourselves, and tells beautifully crafted stories that are full of sniggers both at the snobs of the world, and at herself (and those of us that love to cradle a box of wine).

The hour was incredibly engaging, with Zoe throwing everything at us: from wonderfully twisted facial expressions, to political material, to getting one over a posh lady that looked like a horse. This is Zoe’s sixth Edinburgh Fringe and it really shows, this accomplished, well-rounded hour of comedy was a joy to watch.
Words: Georgia Jones

Zoe Lyons: Mustard Cutter, Gilded Balloon, Aug 1 – 24, 19:00


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