Classical music doesn’t just have to be for grown ups. Concerto a Tempo d’Umore will have all of the family, even the littlest ones, buzzing about Bach as they fuse their first class musical expertise with clowning, comedy and audience participation.

The fantastic chemistry between the ensemble really make the comedic elements of the piece work, as they playfully tease and compete with one another, all the while playing the classics flawlessly. Kids in the audience were enraptured: laughing at the slapstick, yes, but also excited about the music, brought to life as it was by this animated and likable orchestra.

Some moments of audience participation are done well and work with the atmosphere. Audience members brought up to pretend to conduct and play are cheered on by the rest of the crowd, and everyone found themselves fully on board as the fun took over. The highlight of the performance comes in the form of a medley of theme songs from classic films, from Jaws to Casablanca.

Perfect for families looking to introduce young ones to classical music in a fun and accessible way.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Concerto a Tempo d’Umore, Assembly Rooms, Aug 22-27, 5pm

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