Confessions of a Justified Songwriter is a slickly­ directed musical experience, performed by its Royal Conservatoire of Scotland cast with utmost expertise; it is obvious to all watching that the players are well­ trained and have been drilled mercilessly for the show’s preparation. The segue from dialogue to refrain was consistently impeccable: these are all undeniable facts.

When the question of taste enters the equation, however, it’s difficult to critique the show as anything other than ‘a polytechnic Glee’. The songs are invariably formulaic, which is ironic given that the narrative follows budding songwriters in their quest to write a hit song for a Mariah Carey­-esque diva songstress, and, unfortunately, many of the comedic elements fell flat. It was particularly jarring when it brushed up against the somewhat darker theme of drowned children ­ which was the inexplicable subject of the final ‘big number’.

With a script that doesn’t live up to the talent of it’s performers, this is probably only one for diehard musical fans.

Words: Daniel Paylor

Confessions of a Justified Songwriter, Assembly Checkpoint, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28 August, 4:05 pm

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