I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Lemon Bucket Orchestra, a group of masked musicians who are described as 15-piece guerrilla-folk party punk band – however, in retrospect, this describes the group perfectly.

Above, footage of the ongoing struggle in Ukraine is projected, and around you the joyous masked group encourage you to take part. You’ll eat, drink, sing and dance, allowing you a snapshot of the camaraderie, violence, ridiculousness, love and loss felt by the protesters.

The orchestra play Ukrainian music throughout, passing on the emotional history through song. Counting Sheep is a chaotic, immersive theatre adventure that really gets under your skin.

Seats are available in the balcony for those who wish to watch the entire performance, however I recommend you sit in the parterre to really experience this uprising to its fullest.

Words: Zoe Atherfold
Picture: Dahlia Katz

Counting Sheep, Summerhall, Aug 3-28 (not 8, 15, 22), times vary

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