Cult Comics is a typical double header; two friendly up-and-coming comics sharing an hour-long bill. If you’ve an intimate knowledge of Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid and computer game theme tunes you’ll thoroughly enjoy the show.

Golin is a confident performer who really excels with a crowd that are closer to his material, again, knowledge of rap or Star Trek would help. It’s comedy that benefits from never casting a wide net. Ali’s comedy is much more tender and self-effacing, an arguably deeper delve into the inner nerd.

The show would excel with more of a cult, hand-picked crowd that it would clearly attract. The better elements are when they open the floor up to geeky game shows. As a regular comedy night it could be a hit, especially the more specialist and indulgently niché it becomes.

Words: Tom Crosby

Cult Comics (Bisha K. Ali & Sam Golin), The Banana Skin, Aug 22-29, 3:30pm

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