After being absent for several years, Dan Antopolski returns to the Fringe stage with a brand new act. Exploring a variety of topics including love, fatherhood, family-honour and loss, the comedian navigates the hour with a repertoire of impressions, funny stories and puns.

Since he last attended the Fringe, Antopolski saw a few changes in his own life, including divorcing the mother of his children. He shares this experience with hilarious bitterness, while celebrating being “king of his own castle” and confessing some of the ways in which he bends the rules in order to become the preferred parent for his children.

The show is very entertaining, but it fails to live to its true potential. The moments of brilliance within the writing are more than once followed by cheap gags and puns that can only be referred to as “dad jokes.” This seemed to provoke bemusement among the audience.

Antopolski has a clear skill for beautifully-crafted metaphors. With verbose fluidity and incisive social commentary, the parts of the show where his intelligence and sophistication are allowed to shine are exceptional, and probably the ones that have made him such an anticipated act. But the very fact that we are presented with such brilliance is what makes the failings of the act such a disappointment, because he has already proven to be better than that. Hopefully these can simply be attributed to the fact that the comedian is still readjusting to the stage, and any faults will be ironed out after a few more shows.

Even with its shortcomings, the moments where Antopolski hits his heights make it worth the hour.

Words: Mariana Mercado 

Dan Antopolski: Return of the Dan Antopolski, Assembly George Square Studios, Aug 9-17, 9.15pm

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