Dane Baptiste preaches for sense in this depraved world ruled by G.O.D. (God. Oil. Drugs.), exhorting the virtues of the passenger side of his best friend’s ride for the sake of his wallet, the environment, safe driving and our cultural sanity.

In this hour that feels like a minute you will be educated on the precise and absurd ways that Gold, Oil and Drugs drive the insane and unjust. Dane wins over the most reserved on the question of the queen’s sexuality, sways the most conservative with equations to prove that black lives matter and sermonizes the three exclusive sets of circumstances under which grabbing pussy is acceptable.

Though it is subtly organized like the most meticulous political speech, carefully addressing the questions of greed, consumption and addiction, you’d never notice between the endless jokes. Modern technology, selling out and online dating all earn his special brand of effortless scrutiny. “A.I. is scary,” he proclaims, and the next thing I know I’m looking doubtfully down at my all-knowing phone.

Oozing experience, confidence and charisma, Dane is the only one capable of providing the comic relief needed to lighten up the harsh cultural and economic realities he observes. He delivers laugh after laugh, expertly using metaphors, acronyms and pop culture to teach and entertain.

He advocates an individualized “tapas” approach to religion, but by the time he finishes his closing prayer you might be ready to worship him.

Words: Emily Hall

Dane Baptiste: G.O.D (Gold. Oil. Drugs.), Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 4-27 (not 16), 9pm

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