Daniel Cook hits the Fringe with a hilarious hour all about money – not that he has any. For Money asks whether he would be any happier with some extra cash in a stand-up show that is seamless: from the fantastic observations, great delivery and timing and even better facial expressions. Cook is naturally very funny and there’s something about the way he commands the stage which makes his performance captivating.

The meat of the show centres around the fact that he hasn’t got any money, and how do you follow your dreams with zero cash? Cook tells us about having to get a real job, being scared of the post and why nobody – and he means nobody – should live on a houseboat. The show is broken up with a series of National Lottery scratch card games, which are ultimately unsuccessful but make for great laughs in the show. The moral of the show is that we should all just give up – which he illustrates with the example of internationally acclaimed music producer Brian Eno and a tale of a missing watch.

This is excellent stand up: Cook is able to deliver laugh after laugh just with his presence and maddening stare. He has an ability to take control of his audience, leaving them like chess pieces in his laugh packed game. This is high energy and well delivered comedy that doesn’t disappoint.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Daniel Cook: For Money, Just The Tonic at The Caves, Aug 21-27, 1.20pm 

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