For fans of classic Gothic stories, Darktales is unmissable. Set in a dark basement lecture theatre, professor and author Alex finishes up his last lesson of the term with a chilling story for his students. A visit from a former student afterwards gives us an insight into this mysterious professor and as their relationship slowly unravels, dark surprises are revealed.

This play captures the essence of the Victorian Gothic beautifully and reimagines the genre cleverly, creating an eerie atmosphere in the grand theatre of Pleasance One. Each detail of the story is perfectly timed, adding to the tension between the two characters, and revelations are made subtly, drawing us further into the tale. The narrative doesn’t give us just one haunting story but embeds further tales within it to successfully add to the ominous atmosphere.

Darktales is truly thrilling from beginning to end – an exceptional story that will leave you extremely entertained.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Picture: Eoin Carey

Darktales, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 25-28, 5.50pm

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