Scottish humour at its finest, once Darren Connell descends upon the stage and the laughs fail to cease until the show is over. Once a trolley boy for Asda and now pursuing a career in comedy, Trolleywood tells the tale of Darren’s search for material as he lands himself in incredibly hilarious situations.

Connell’s amazing anecdotes with his talented delivery and crude humour make for an excellent show. Often the comedy digs itself into darker zones, while leaving the audience either shocked or in tears. He may be a little difficult to understand with such a broad accent, but if you can keep up, it’s well worth it.

Contending to the worst of Glasgow stereotypes, Connell performs an almost flawless Fringe debut, Trolleywood is laugh-out-loud for the full hour.

Words: Calum Wilson

Darren Connell: Trolleywood, Gilded Balloon, Aug 20-29, 7:45pm

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