Darren Walsh returns to Edinburgh having been awarded with best joke of the Fringe last year. His new show, S’PUN has a strong start, with clever wordplay, the usual props and surreal games.

Audience interaction is an important addition, as an hour of puns can prove a bit tiresome. Spinning a wheel for impressions and punny prizes added to everyone’s enjoyment, while Walsh invites the crowd to challenge him to come up with jokes on the spot, making it an exciting watch.

At times the audience struggled to keep up with the comedian’s fast pace, leaving little time for punchlines to sink in.

Despite this, Walsh’s self awareness and deprecation worked well, proving a welcome release from the enormous amount of puns being thrown out.

All in all, a very fun show.

Words: Paul Hyland.

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Darren Walsh: S’PUN, Pleasance Courtyard, 4-29 August (not 15), 8:30pm

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