Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

David Mills: Shame!

As the audience enters, David Mills is sat on a stool in a sharp suit, looking like Dave Allen lost in an episode of Mad Men. This sophisticated look creates an initial perception of wit and inventiveness that, unfortunately, never materialises.

Simpler jokes and formulaic stage-craft are glossed over by his onstage persona, one which becomes quickly tiring. His character is wholly based on tired snide attitude, utilising catty comments in a lazy manner which lacks nuance or comedic intelligence. It’s an outdated version of the ‘camp comic’ stereotype.

We find out that: Leith is rough, the Scottish are tight and other similarly thoughtless, stereotypical  comments on Isis. With an hour focused only on sassy put downs, Mills’ comedy is lacking in any original or intriguing moments to set it apart.

Words: Tom Crosby

David Mills: Shame!, Underbelly George Square, Aug 27-28,  5:20pm