Join Demi Lardner as she embodies the life of a mumbling forty-something old man named Gavin, all while he attempts to escape the basement in which he is mysteriously trapped. Gavin’s ordeal is haunted by his random thoughts, dreams, diary entries and calls from call-centre Susan, who seems to be the only friend he has. With no real plot or direction, this disjointed sketch sees Lardner displaying a range of accents, gags and shrill songs with hilarious cheesy punchlines, and hysterically funny made-up words.

Lardner’s act is utterly surreal and her perfectly timed, somewhat random delivery may remind you of an early Amy Poehler. Look What You Made Me Do is loud and unapologetic, and Lardner’s contagious energy makes the piece a very charming and entertaining hour. The pace of the sketches is so fast at times that as one gag follows the other, there is barely enough time to let the previous punchline sink in, which may make some moments of the show feel a little tiresome. This, however, can be easily forgiven as the jokes are consistently strong throughout.

What makes this act truly charming is the sheer randomness of the writing; this randomness of script is also what seemed to get the biggest laughs. Lardner’s comedy is  absurd and stupid – though brilliantly executed – and and as long as one is not looking for any depth, Look What You Made Me Do is a wonderful hour of escapism and joy.

Words: Mariana Mercado 

Demi Lardner: Look What You Made Me Do, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 19-27, 9pm

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