When entering Summerhall’s Anatomy Lecture Theatre for Denton & Me, one first notices a young man reading in the lecture space, sitting amongst furniture and knick-knacks seemingly original to the exquisitely preserved venue. Soon after, he stands up, sets down his reading, and the show begins.

The one-man show, written and performed by Sam Rowe, follows writer Denton Welch and Sam himself. The show alternates between Denton, brought to life from his 1944 diaries, and Sam recounting being gifted the diaries, in turn discovering a past not unlike his 2011 present. Though the show has its moments of pure brilliance, it is slow to find its momentum, and lack of distinction between characters and narrative transitions at points occasionally makes the show hard to follow.

Denton & Me is a touching piece that beautifully captures loneliness and human connection, but the show’s stumbling holds it back from reaching its remarkable potential.

Words: Sara Vollen

Picture: Niall Walker

Denton & Me, Summerhall, Aug 3-28 (not 15, 22), 3:05pm

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