Taking place in one night in Dunningham, this one woman show follows Saff, a tough young woman out and about town who gets roped into a revenge plot that doesn’t quite go to plan. Then there’s Oli, a young man in the prime of his manhood who is being blackmailed and faces a sudden identity crisis. Saff and Oli have slept together before and have a mutual friend, Judy, who brings them together on this night once again, both characters having already faced a night full of booze, bottles, violence and lust – but there is so much more to come.

Dickless is a fun dive into the escapades of two young characters that is both comical and well written, proving that an audience can be fully immersed in a multi character story with nothing but one woman and a chair on stage. While on one hand, splitting the narrative into the two parts of Saff and Oli manages to create a whole story from two perspectives, the most significant part of the story is Oli’s, which could have been explored in more depth. This would have allowed for deeper discussion about gender identity and sexuality and would have added more significance to the piece as a whole.

However, the story is still socially relevant and interesting. There is a balance between comical and dark elements that offers shocking twists as the narrative unfolds. The actress changes from one night to the next and so does the story, giving it a refreshing take on the same themes so you can return again and again.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Dickless, New Town Theatre, Aug 19-27, 6.50pm

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