Djuki Mala made their claim to fame back in 2007 when their video ‘Zorba the Greek’ went viral on Youtube.

While waiting for the show to begin, there was an energizing and exciting atmosphere in the room which only set the scene for what was yet to come. The troupe start the show with traditional Yolngu dance which feels refreshingly intense and heartfelt. The performers dance with such unity and passion that it’s mesmerising to watch.

This is followed by a special live performance of the notorious ‘Zorba the Greek’ piece, which really sets the whole show in motion. The energy of the performers, their distinctive fusion of Yolngu, hip hop and pop dance, and the use of video and comedy, results in a beautifully balanced show filled with soul and laughter.

The five performers were flawless, with each of their personalities shining through, making for a stunning storytelling dance piece where movement is the language.

I didn’t want it to end.

Words: Rebecca Divine

Djuki Mala, Assembly George Square Theatre, Aug 4-28 (not 14, 21), 4:30PM

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