Dominic Holland spends much of Eclipsed mercilessly poking fun at himself – and at the fact his gig is totally free of charge. This is a particularly sore spot, he explains, because his son is currently playing the lead role in the new Spiderman film. That one of his offspring should be a Hollywood hotshot proves great comedic fodder for Holland, as he quips about learning to navigate a world in which his child is more famous than him.

In his show, Holland reveals himself to be a master of bone-dry humour. Jokes about his home life and family are offered up with a straight face, which is more than appropriate given the persona he’s trying to create: a bitter man who is incredibly envious of his son’s career. His observations on domesticity are well-paced, giving the audience the opportunity to take in the casual sarcasm and general drollness of it all.

Thankfully, Holland’s set is less “dad jokes” and more “jokes about dads”. While this might mean it’s more appealing to those who can relate to the comedian, Holland’s dry delivery and capacity for moulding fairly unremarkable events into punchy gags are sufficient to keep everyone entertained.

Holland wonders aloud whether there’s room enough in one family for two showbiz personalities. He needn’t worry. Tom Holland might get to pull on the Spiderman costume, but Dominic Holland still knows how to get a crowd laughing twenty-four years after he first arrived at the Edinburgh Festival.

Words: Morgan Laing

Dominic Holland: Eclipsed, Voodoo Rooms, Aug 6-27 (not 8, 9), 4.40pm

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