Double Denim advertise their show as a kids party for adults, filled with 90’s nostalgia. Seeing the show is like ordering a vanilla ice cream cone but receiving a chocolate fudge sundae instead. The sundae is ten times better, right?

Immediately it becomes obvious that you are in for a night of laidback, if not somewhat inappropriate, entertainment. Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew have a self-aware, unapologetic stupidity which they do not back down from and their show is absolutely delightful to watch.

Within the silliness, they seem to loosely follow a script that hits on deepers topics such as puberty, first dates and losing your virginity. However, the pair are so fluid it was hard to detect which parts of the show where scripted and how much was simply ad-libbed.

As they promised, it is a party and no party is complete without some snacks and drinks. And without a doubt, it’s not a party unless there are party games. Double Denim deliver all of this and more, plus some added in skits, a bit of karaoke and an invitation to the king and queen of double denim, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. I’ll leave that bit to your imagination.

There was no line drawn between the audience and the stage, creating a real feeling of intimacy and emphasising the party atmosphere. Brasier and Frew have such a high energy and alluring aura that it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself.

Words: Rebecca Divine

Double Denim, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Aug 2-28, 11:15pm

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